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Passion and Commitment

We are a home restaurant who are committed to provide a homey dining experience that's hard to find these days.

We love to cook, we love to eat, and we love to hear from our guests, so please share your thoughts and ideas with us. We are committed to making Bembi's Kitchen your favorite place to eat, drink and relax. Thank you and enjoy.


Bembi's Pizza - The one that started it all.  Made with the freshest ingredients and created from scratch.  Our signature creation boasts a taste that transports you to an experience like no other.


Lemongrass Iced Tea - Your go-to refreshment.

It's iced tea like you never tasted before.  Brewed and prepared using only natural ingredients.  Our lemongrass iced tea is a guilt-free choice to quench your thirst.  One glass will never be enough.


Wine Tasting & Food Paring

Looking for a place this holiday with unique yet extraordinary dining experience?

Experience excellent food pairing with select higly-rated wines by sommelier.  A different kind of night to enjoy with your partner and friends.

Call us at +63-998-971-7514 to know more about this event.

Smoke Barbecue

We are a home for succulent smoked meats.  We cook our meats low and slow for hours using season wood to absorb its wonderful flavors with a good amount of smokiness.  Ask us for your Smoke BBQ needs, be it ala carte, party platters or catered.


Cheese and Wine Platter - For the classy.

When the company you're with and the conversations you have need to be paired with something classy, we have an item for you.  No need to find a different place when you are looking for a little sophistication. We have you covered for that, too.

Your new favorites!

What you see is what you get. ½-pound 100% pure beef patty grilled to perfection. Topped with fresh lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, pickles and jalapeños. This burger is served with our own special cream sauce.


A mix of Chipotle beans, corn kernes, cilantro rice, pico de gallo, fresh lettuce topped with cream and cheddar cheese.  Available in both beef and grilled chicken.


Bembi’s Kitchen is absolutely amazing! You feel right at home with the atmosphere they created. And the food... wow... DELICIOUS...’s a ten! You must try the burgers and lemon grass tea AND the Mexican pizza is my favorite! - Brittaney Gullett

The burger was juicy and the sisig fries we're not just the regular fries topped with sisig, the combination of the sour cream, sisig and thin stringed fries is mouth watering just typing this review, and I'll for sure be craving it. Loved it. - Seychelle Phoebe Jaochico

Need a place for your private event?

If you need to host a private gathering, Our spaces can accommodate up to 30 guests and are available to be reserved for your party at no additional cost!  Please contact us at +63-998-971-7514 to learn more about this exclusive dining opportunity. 


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